SelSym Biotech is developing innovative therapeutics for addressing critical clinical needs to transform patient care and outcomes in the areas of hemorrhage control, surgical bleeding, and wound healing.

Seema Nandi, PhD | Co-Founder | CEO

Ashley Brown, PhD | Co-Founder | Senior Scientific Advisor

Andrew Lyon, PhD | Co-Founder | Chief Scientific Officer

Tom Barker, PhD | Co-Founder | President

SelSym: Revolutionizing Hemorrhage Control

Like so many innovations, the ideas that launched SelSym Biotech emerged over a few cups of coffee and some furious scribbling on napkins. Those conversations led to a remarkable collaboration between ambitious scientists, engineers, and clinicians – all of whom were driven to address the key unmet clinical needs in trauma and hemorrhage treatment and management. Now more than a decade later, those ideas have become the foundation of SelSym’s Hemostatic Healing Hydrogel technology, which holds tremendous promise in transforming the care of traumatic injury and post-surgical bleeding.