Addressing critical unmet needs in bleeding management


Emergency stabilization of hemorrhage improves patient survival following trauma


Cost-effective therapy that supports reactive OR proactive treatment for surgical bleeding


Unique mechanism of action supports and improves overall wound healing outcomes after cessation of bleeding


Wound-targeting technology minimizes risk of immune or thrombotic complications


Fast scale-up and easy storage & transport to address critical platelet shortages

SymClot: A Novel Therapy to Control Bleeding

SelSym Biotech’s lead product, SymClot, mimics platelet functions to augment hemorrhage control in trauma and surgery and helps to address critical ongoing platelet supply shortages and shelf life limitations

Hemostatic Healing Hydrogels (H3)

SelSym Biotech’s suite of Hemostatic Healing Hydrogels (H3) can be easily tuned to address a wide range of clinical needs in bleeding management and wound healing, including hemorrhage control, drug delivery, infection control, and long-term healing support for chronic wounds